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This week on MotorCult, Ryan is in Monterey with Jana and  special guest, Ben Hsu from Japanese Nostalgic Car! We discuss what is going in the Japanese Nostalgic Car world, what Japanese Nostalgic Car is, how we came to love Japanese cars and Ben gets tossed the standard gauntlet of questions including the Mondial Challenge.


We recap what we saw over the weekend and our views on how the car week went, the overall state of Japanese collector cars in the public eye and how big of a deal it is that Datsun was the first Japanese featured marque at Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion.

JAI 2000GT

Another event we cover is the Infiniti Japanese Automotive Invitational. While not in Concours D’Elegance proper, it is still within the walled city of Pebble Beach. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but when you consider that the entire city of Pebble Beach is closed to outsiders, the provenance of this event begins to sink in.


This leads us to ponder what is going to happen to Japanese collector cars once the 1% begins to take more notice of them, for better or worse. We also have a primer on JCCS, Japanese Classic Car Show, in September and the changes that will be made.

Click the link below to check out Episode 41

MotorCult Episode 41

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