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On this Episode of the MotorCult podcast we talk about small and troublesome cars, including the future of Brexit, Berger’s turbocharged E30 Wagon.

Photo Credit: Volkswagen Group

In news we talk about a tourist in Dubai who racked up $47,000 in speeding tickets in a single evening with his rented Lamborghini. Berger notes how terrible AWD turbo BMW water pumps are to service. Ryan notes how fantastic and perfect the new Suzuki Jimny is as well. We also bring up just how terrible Fastest Car on Netflix is, just in case you forgot.


We note our favorite car designers of all time and why. These are the heroes that make the most iconic shapes of cars and make these cars just how special they are.


For the World Cup of Cars we have two matches on this episode. Match 1 is Serbia’s Yugo GVX moving on to take on Sweden’s entire Koenigsegg brand. The second match is much more difficult because Japan is battling England with 60’s GT cars. The Toyota 2000GT battles the Aston Martin DB4, both Bond cars, both with beautiful straight 6 engines but only one will leave the victor.

To listen to MotorCult Episode 38 click the link below

MotorCult Episode 38

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