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Japanese Monsters 1250
On this episode of the MotorCult podcast we discuss Berger’s adventure to Powercruise and Ryan’s adventure to Drive Cartel’s Cars and Crafts event. We discover that if you’re in the show crowd or the race crowd, Minnesota offers some of the best events in the midwest.

G29 BMW Z4

Ryan tells us about karma hitting a daily dick driver in his Maserati like a wall, or more literally like a Hyundai immediately followed by a wall. News includes the G29 BMW Z4, Tesla taking the company private once stock hits $420 and Roadkill Nights in Michigan. The Diamler F Cell hydrogen fuel cell vehicle comes up in conversation and we immediately think of how awful the hydrogen infrastructure in America currently is.

volkswagen vanagon

As a topic of discussion we ponder good looking but awful to own vehicles and how the ownership experience can spoil the car as a whole.

Bugatti Type 35 B

Finally we get to the World Cup of Cars where Iran’s Zamyad Z24 takes on the best of Russia. The second match up is the best of modern French motoring represented by France’s Renault Aventime versus the best of old French motoring, the Argentinian Pur Sang Bugatti Type 35.

To listen to MotorCult Episode 37 click the link below

Episode 37

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