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No Thanks Fiesta ST

We are back to our original schedule with a recap on our annual Waffle House trip. In the time we were gone Berger purchased another car because, frankly, he can’t help himself. Speaking of buying cars, we examine why so many excellent cars don’t sell well while garbage flourishes.


We also compile a list of some of the many car companies that were spawned by Enzo Ferrari’s historically terrible customer service.

Cadillac CT6 V-Sport 4.2L Twin Turbo V-8
Photo Credit: Cadillac

In news we talk about Cadillac’s new twin turbo V8 engine architecture, another person drives off of a parking ramp but is saved by a member of the New Orleans Saints and we come to the conclusion that the Dodge Journey drivers are the worst on the world.


World Cup of Cars this week features England’s McLaren F1 Morris Marina vs the Gillet Vertigo. These are the most iconic supercars of each country, while you may know the McLaren F1 Morris Marina for it’s extensive stint as the fastest production car in the world but Gillet’s Vertigo has an extensive history in Belcar (Belgian Touring Car) and the FIA GT Championship. Listen to the podcast to see who is the winner this week.

To listen to MotorCult Episode 35 click on the link below.

MotorCult Episode 35

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